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Our kitten are able to go to their new home at 9-10 weeks old.  Kittens are $1000 each. To reserve a kitten a deposit of $200 is required up front and then the remaining paid when you pick up the kitten. You may use this form to reserve your kitten or to make your final payment.

Each kitten comes with the following:

  • TCA registration papers
  • Updated on deworming and vaccinations
  • Shot records
  • Kitten care package with information on kittens
  • Small bag of kitten food to get you started
  • Kittens favorite toys
  • Photo album of  your kitten growing up
  • Lifetime breeder support

The Condition of Sale:

Many of the kittens from Mitten Kittens will develop into cats that are suitable for showing or breeding. It should be understood, however, that there is no guarantee at the time of sale regarding the future showing or breeding prospects of the animal. Top priority is a good companion animal and family pet.

Mitten Kittens guarantees that at the time of pickup/delivery, the cat is in good health to the best of our knowledge. The buyer has one week from the time of receipt of cat to have the cat examined by a licensed veterinarian. It is strongly urged by us that all purchasers do so in order to avoid nullification of this agreement. If at the time of the initial vet check, the kitten is determined to be seriously ill from symptoms that are undoubtedly the result of a hereditary condition (this does not include the presence of worms), the new owner is to return the kitten along with any other accompanying information within two days if a replacement is desired. At this point Mitten Kittens will replace the kitten in question with another kitten of similar bloodlines and/or the same color and gender should the buyer so desire, upon availability. This guarantee will be terminated immediately if the cat is not examined within the allotted time. This guarantee is contingent upon the new owner(s) providing a letter of verification from the examining veterinarian. Mitten Kittens reserves the right to have the same kitten examined by a second veterinarian of their choice to confirm the sickness of the kitten in question. Mitten Kittens has the right to terminate this guarantee if the sickness of a kitten is in question by a second veterinarian.

Furthermore, it is noted that Mitten Kittens assumes no responsibility for this cat once it has left the premises. This includes veterinary medical expense or any other reason not specifically stated. If for some reason a problem should arise and you find yourself wanting to place your cat in a new home, we ask that you first contact us. Our main concern here is that none of our cats under any circumstances end up in the pound or other type of animal shelter. There are always other options and we would be more than happy to help. Under no circumstances shall Mitten Kittens be liable to the buyer or to any third party for any consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from or in any manner related to the cat.

The buyer agrees to maintain this cat in good health, provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to, inoculation and preventative medication. The kitten is to be fed a high quality cat food, have fresh water available and have adequate shelter. The buyer agrees to maintain the cat in a humane environment and to properly care for the cat.

We have taken steps to ensure that your new kitten is healthy. Your kitten has been selectively bred for excellent quality, health, soundness,  and good temperament. Your kitten has been on a vaccination and de-worming schedule here. It is very important to continue the vaccinations and worming schedule for your kitten and don’t forget annual boosters. The kitten will need follow-up vaccination, worming, flea control, rabies vaccination and heart worm prevention as recommended by your vet.

As the Breeder/Seller I certify that the kitten is free from illness and defects to the best of my knowledge. This agreement is valid only for the original owner and is non-transferable.