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Male Siamese Cat


Caspian is our seal point male.  He is so affectionate, sweet, and loves to play. He has a very funny personality, he loves to “talk” and play with the kittens.




Siamese cat


Snow is our new beautiful addition to the cattery. She is Cinna and Cinders kitten we kept back from 2016 litter. She is so beautiful and sweet and we are so excited to keep her for future litters!


Female Siamese


Astrid is a beautiful, sweet addition to the cattery.  She is very energetic and playful and loves lots of attention.
She is a super loving mom, and has beautiful kittens.


Female Siamese


Pearl is our sweet, beautiful girl we kept from a Sirius/Astrid litter. She is such a silly, sweet girl
and we just adore her.  Her kittens are absolutely beautiful.




Siamese female


Sapphire was our first female Siamese. She is a beautiful seal point Siamese. She  had 5 litters with us and was a great mother to them every time. We decided it was time to retire her so she can live the rest of her life as a great pet and relax! She is very affectionate and would sit on my lap all day if  I let her!


Siamese Cat


Cinna is our beautiful male Siamese. His kittens are absolutely beautiful. He is the first Siamese we’ve ever had and is very special to us. He has a great personality , he is very affectionate and loves to play!